Mr. Boston's career has spanned the entire television engineering 'food chain,' from camera lens to transmission tower, including satellite uplinks. He went from equipment maintenance technician to management positions at Scripps-Howard, SignaSys, and the Evers Group, and as Engineer-In-charge on production and KU trucks. Mr. Boston has managed and participated in successful television facility projects of every scale, including DTV transmitter installs and reception testing; transitioning analog plants to digital technology; installing microwave and C-band uplink facilities, and very large router retrofits. At Sony he was instrumental in developing test methods to determine how far digital signals are from their error cliff.

Jim has worked for a number of the pioneering television icons over the years, including Ampex, CMX, and Sony.

Mr. Boston earned his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University, where he won the Electrical Engineering Student Leadership award his senior year. He has written extensively for Broadcast Engineering magazine and is the author of DTV Survival Guide (McGraw-Hill) and the first edition of Television on Wheels – The Story of Remote Television Production in conjunction with George Hoover.