Mobile Television Productions - S.F. Bay area television production company
My father and his partners (about 1968).... And then there was me

Chuck Rubin - Talent, and production operator
The skinny, scrawny kid, about 15, me
        At this point in time my duties were to mimic what a chimpanzee could do
        The chimp, probably more capably then I
Jim Risinger - What I know about television production started with him
        Directed many local San Francisco bay area and national shows
My father, Barney Boston. Was president of this outfit
       He worked for NBC, was Technical Director for the Mike Douglas Show
       and then started this endeavor
Bill Johnson - My first mentor when it came to television engineering
       While mostly self-schooled, he knew and could explain more than
           much more highly educated engineers
       He taught me the term ' Minimum Johnson ' , making sure that equipment/rack
            layout allowed enough room for him to negogiate through.
       Later on he won a technical Emmy for the case design of video editor
       That is back when editors wern't apps on a computer, but actual stand
            alone devices
Howard Stapleton - Very capable and pleasant gentlemen

The television camera on the left is the same age as me!